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No rotting wood

No rusted steel

No painting

Wood easily rots and splinters over

time taking away the attractiveness from the window. And although wood looks good, it can cost a fortune! Aluminum never rots or splinters and is

much more affordable than wood.

Steel may last a long time and also has an abrasive look, but rusted steel is an eyesore and is in no way attractive. Aluminum never rusts or rots and requires much less maintenance than steel, saving you time and money.

Paint can become chipped, which causes you to spend your time and money repainting the same surfaces time and time again. Our aluminum products never need to be painted!

Easy maintenance

Enameled finish

Decades of use

When it comes to maintenance, aluminum is number one. Because it doesn't rot, rust, or need painting, very little maintenance is ever required.

Our aluminum has a baked-on enamel finish that won't ever chip or scratch off. Choose from a variety of professional finishes and colors that will last a lifetime.

50 years from now, your aluminum canopy from Anderson Aluminum will still be standing strong and it'll look just like it did the day we installed it on your property.

Durable, easy-to-maintain products